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Linkstyle Mira Smart Security Camera
Linkstyle Mira Smart Security Camera
Linkstyle Mira Smart Security Camera
Linkstyle Mira Smart Security Camera
Linkstyle Mira Smart Security Camera
Linkstyle Mira Smart Security Camera
Linkstyle Mira Smart Security Camera
Linkstyle Mira Smart Security Camera
Linkstyle Mira Smart Security Camera
  • Smart AI Motion Detection

  • Infrared Night Vision

  • Two-Way Audio

  • Automatic Video Patrols

  • Video Storage on MicroSD or Cloud

  • 355° Pan / 65° Tilt

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home


355° pan / 65° tilt

Local and cloud storage options

2-way audio 

Voice control compatible

Smart Motion Detection

  • Sends notification to your phone when motion is detected
  • Option to filter out non-human motion with AI
  • Option to track the object/human in motion

Automatic Video Patrol

Scan the entire room in 360 degrees or cycle through specific pre-set waypoint sites, keeping an eye on the entire room with just one camera.

Automatic Video Patrol

Scan the entire room in 360 degrees or cycle through specific pre-set waypoint sites, keeping an eye on the entire room with just one camera.

Infrared Night Vision

Keep an eye on what's going on in the dark.

Night Vision


Linkstyle Mira Smart Security Camera

Mira Camera 1-pack


Save $10

Linkstyle Mira Smart Security Camera


Mira Camera 3-pack


Save $55

Linkstyle Mira Smart Security Camera
Good deal

Mira Camera 2-pack


Save $30

Download The Linkstyle App

Product Specifications

Video & Photo

Resolution: HD - 1920 x 1080 / SD - 704 x 576

Video Frame Rate: 20FPS @ 1080P

Local Storage: supports up to 128GB MicroSD card

Cloud Storage: 7-day or 30-day rolling storage subscription


Power Supply: DC5V 2A MicroUSB

Pan/Tilt Range: 355° Pan, 65° Tilt

Working Temperature: 14-113°F (-10°C - 45°C)

Working Humidity: ≤95%

IP65 rated


Height: 5.12inches (130 mm)

Diameter: 2.84 inches (72mm)


Wi-Fi Frequency: 2.4GHz

Mobile App: Linkstyle App

Android 4.1 and above

iOS 8 and above

What's in the Package

1 x Camera Unit

1 x Power Adapter

1 x Power Cable

1 x Mounting Hardware Set

1 x User Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sarah L.
Best Bargain Camera Out there

Bought this camera to check up on my cats when I’m not home. When I first set up this camera, I was uncertain if I liked it. The video was greatly lagging and I found this frustrating. But once I had the camera setup and had it plugged in for a day or two, it stopped lagging so much and worked much better. Now when I move the angle of the camera on my phone it works instantly! The motion detection is awesome and I get alerts on my phone when the cats are in the room. The alert records a short clip so even if they run through quickly, you can go back and watch the clip of when they were in the room. You can save the alert clips to your phone library through the app even without paying for cloud storage or using a memory card. I would highly recommend this camera if you are looking for something affordable as a baby monitor, pet monitor, or security camera.

Joseph L.
Great camera, easy to install

I have plenty of IP cameras in my house. They are a combination of Amcrest, Foscam, Linkstyle, Tenvis etc. I have to say my most durable ones are from Linkstyle. I've had some for as long as 2012! They simply give you the best bang for your buck. I hate to say it but the reason ALL of these IP cameras have a low rating is because of one thing. User error. I admit, I have an IT background and installing these are really easy for me. The new cloud feature couldn't be more easier to install. Even my mom could do it, (apologies mom for calling you out LOL). This new Mira is my favorite. It is very compact and has a microUSB port for power. I hope this review helps you.

Sebastian V.
Incredible Value, 5 Stars

I wanted an inexpensive camera to monitor my well room, solely for peace of mind. I decided to give this product a try, because the price was right, and on paper at least, it had what I was looking for. The verdict? SOLD. I'm blown away by how much value is packed into this device and its cloud service offering.

Kenzo R.
Using it to keep an eye on our Fur-Baby

Was looking for a monitor to keep an eye on our fur-baby GRD. Back in the day, we used baby monitors. Back then these things were expensive and weren't great. Based on reviews I went with this Linkstyle camera. Never heard of them but they were cheaper than a Ring or Nest device. Man... has technology come a long way!!! The cost has gone down and the quality is amazing. I am THROUGHLY impressed with this camera!!! You hook it up and connect it to your wifi. You then load the app on your phone and voila, you can monitor. I've used this to check in on our puppy while out and about via LTE. There is no glitching and the video comes in smooth!! Amazing. I've also added a 128GB memory card for the motion detection feature. So many times it was useful to review previous footage to figure things out. For a long time, we had all these potty accidents. The footage helped us figure out what we did wrong with our puppy - what signs we missed etc. The camera has two way audio. So I've used this to talk to our kids when we are out. The color picture quality is GREAT and clear. You can pinch zoom. The night vision footage is ok but good enough. You can remote pan the camera. It's a bit touchy but works. For an off brand, it works way better than I expected, exceeding my expectations.

Evan Jr.
Easy Setup, great security cam

Some high school kids been messing around and took our mailbox, so immediately the camera had to come out to get a good view of our driveway and front yard. I already have one Linkstyle camera for the inside of our house that I can get on any time of the day from work and see what's happening with the dogs and kids when they are home. That camera is great, so getting another Linkstyle camera for this situation seemed like a no-brainer. Now, lets catch those crazy kids


Can't find question? email us support@Linkstyle.life

Do I need any other devices to connect my phone to the camera?

You can simply connect the camera to your phone via the Linkstyle app as long as you are connected to a 2.4gHZ WiFi connection.

Does this camera notify me on my phone if there's any motion detected?

Yes it does! Mira connects to the Linkstyle app to send you real time notifications. You will be notified if it detects any movement. You can control all our smart devices remotely via the Linkstyle app.

Is this good for watching my cat and dog while I’m away from home?

Yes, it supports sound detection, night vision, 2-Way Audio, Smart Tracking, and much more which makes it a great camera to watch over your pets while you're away.

Is this device compatible with Android & iOS?

Linkstyle Smart Smoke Alarm is compatible with all smart devices. Linkstyle App is available on the Google Play Store & Apple App Store. It can also be synced with Amazon Alexa & Google Home.

Do I need any special tools for installation?

The smoke alarm comes packaged with everything you need to install the smoke alarm. It also comes pre-equipped with one CR123A battery.

Can this camera be mounted upside down? Like put in a corner of the room on the ceiling?

Yes, this indoor camera can be mounted upside down and it comes with a mounting plate and screw package. It allows for a 180 degree flip so you can have a eagle eye view.

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