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We live in a time of remarkable technological advancement that constantly pushes the boundaries of consumer technology. While innovative and exciting products may enable us to interact with our world in unprecedented ways, many consumers find themselves overwhelmed by the multitude of devices and gadgets available on the market. At Linkstyle.life, our goal is to deliver the new experiences that technology offers with approachability and convenience.

The Linkstyle.life brand was conceived based on a realization our founder Jim Zhao had in 2019, while preparing to renovate his 73-year-old parents' house. He asked his parents how they wanted their house redone, so he could start looking at furniture and appliances. Instead of discussing decor, floor plans, or specific needs, his parents simply told him that they wanted a home that was easy to maintain.

Jim realized that this simple request reflected a more profound desire common to all of us - to not having to worry about trivial things so we can better use our lives on the things we find meaningful. From this idea, the Linkstyle.life concept was born: Unlocking the enchanted life!

Unlocking the Enchanted Life!

The concept of "Enchanted" is inspired by MIT Media Lab instructor David Rose's book "Enchanted Objects: Innovation, Design, and the Future of Technology" (2014). In this book, Rose describes a future in which we interact with our increasingly smart technology intuitively, similar to the way characters from fantasies and fairy tales use magical items. This is also the future that we envision here at Linkstyle.life - a world full of these enchanted objects that seamlessly integrate into our everyday lives. We believe these enchanted objects to be the keys to transforming our lifestyles into a version where we work more efficiently, travel more safely, and live more freely.

Our Vision

Free ourselves from the mundane and the trivial to fully embrace the meaningful
We have seen rapid development and adoption of smart technology in recent years. What we envision is no longer just an ideal for a future, but an evolving reality that can be achieved with products today.

Our Mission

Provide solutions for an enchanted lifestyle through products that seamlessly integrate into the user's everyday life.
With more than a decade of previous experience in consumer electronics and e-commerce, we aim to bring you products that offer convenience and a new, innovative experience, emphasizing versatility and extendability. We are constantly looking to expand our catalog with connected devices that interact to extend one another's functionalities, as well as non-connected items fitting for an enchanted lifestyle.
brand story
The image of the horse and the dog alludes to the smartest horse ever lived: the horse was so smart that he could spell his own name and do arithmetics for numbers under 30, and the dog was a stray that eventually befriended the horse and became his bodyguard while they toured the country. LinkStyle aims to bring this concept in our product which can set you free to enjoy life.