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Tech Specs

LinkStyle Mira Smart Security Camera

  • Patrol Mode

    Active patrol mode automatically keeps checking the surrounding. You can even create your own custom patrolling system to keep the places you love secured.

  • Motion Sensor

    Stay informed with our automatic motion detection and tracking system. Get notified with the Linkstyle app whenever there is
    unwanted movement.

  • Two-Way Audio

    Not only can you see with the Linkstyle Mira, now you can listen or talk to anyone that comes across the camera with two-way audio.

  • Night Vision

    Even at night, the Linkstyle Mira continues to monitor the environment with superb night vision feature.

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The linkstyle security camera is such a delight to have around the home. The minimalistic design of the camera helps it blend right into our home. The multiple functions is also very helpful, especially the two way audio, and the ability to link with the linkstyle app.

Bought this camera to check up on my cats when I’m not home. When I first set up this camera, I was uncertain if I liked it. The video was greatly lagging and I found this frustrating. But once I had the camera setup and had it plugged in for a day or two, it stopped lagging so much and worked much better. Now when I move the angle of the camera on my phone it works instantly! The motion detection is awesome and I get alerts on my phone when the cats are in the room. The alert records a short clip so even if they run through quickly, you can go back and watch the clip of when they were in the room. You can save the alert clips to your phone library through the app even without paying for cloud storage or using a memory card. I would highly recommend this camera if you are looking for something affordable as a baby monitor, pet monitor, or security camera.

This little camera is amazing! My family loves it. Hard to believe this technology is so simple and affordable. We are hooked. We will be buying more of these. Can't wait to see which dog is getting in the trash!

Purchased two of these Mira cams to test out and determine if they're good enough to replace the Wyze cams. These Mira cams definitely capture higher resolution, more detailed videos compared to the Wyze cam v2. The pan and tilt feature is great when I want to remotely check different parts of an area and the pan/tilt action is very silent. You can set the cam to automatically track/follow motion when it's detected. The amount of time it takes to go to live view on a cam is within a couple of seconds and the alerts for motion is definitely faster than the Wyze cam v2. The time from me waving my hand in front of the cam and getting an alert on my phone is about 3 seconds or less.