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Tech Specs

LinkStyle Vigil Smart Security Camera

  • Patrol Mode

    Active patrol mode automatically keeps checking the surrounding. You can even create your own custom patrolling system to keep the places you love secured.

  • Motion Sensor

    Stay informed with our automatic motion detection and tracking system. Get notified with the Linkstyle app whenever there is
    unwanted movement.

  • Two-Way Audio

    Not only can you see with the Linkstyle Vigil, now you can listen or talk to anyone that comes across the camera with two-way audio.

  • Night Vision

    Even at night, the Linkstyle Vigil continues to monitor the environment with superb night vision feature.

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The linkstyle security camera is such a delight to have around the home. The minimalistic design of the camera helps it blend right into our home. The multiple functions is also very helpful, especially the two way audio, and the ability to link with the linkstyle app.

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