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Smart Scenario Button
WiFi Scenario Button
Linkstyle Scenario Button Packaging
This smart button can be used as a portable remote control or a mounted switch for quickly triggering custom smart home functions, such as turning on multiple devices in a room, sounding a doorbell chime, or arming the alarm system. Program up to 3 functions, one for each button activation: press, double press, and press and hold. Requires Linkstyle Smart Security Gateway.


Versatile Usage: program the button to activate any combined DIY routine in the Linkstyle app, providing quick access to multiple devices at a time or just one specific function

Tactile Feedback: there is a satisfying click whenever the button is pressed

Red Dot Award-Winning Design: sleek and minimalist form factor is sure to complement your home décor



Power Supply DC 3V, CR2032 battery
Trigger Modes Single press, double press, long press
Operating Temperature -10°C~?55°C (14° F ~ 131°F)
Operating Humidity ≦95%RH
Communication Method Zigbee 3.0
Standby Time ~ 1 year (if triggered 30 times per day)
Dimensions 44.5mm x 44.5mm x 13mm
(1.75in x 1.75in x 0.51in)
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