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Portable Air Pump
Portable Air Pump
Portable Air Pump
Portable Air Pump
Portable Air Pump
  • Automatic Shut-Off

  • Ultra-Portable & Rechargeable

  • Up To 150 PSI

  • Built-In Flashlight


Quickly inflate your tires and get back on the road fast after a roadside emergency

Avoid towing services and gas station air pumps to save time and money

Designed with

Safety Features

Inflation stops automatically upon reaching the chosen preset pressure

  • Smart Auto Shut-Off

    Automatically stops inflating when preset pressure is reached

  • USB-C Rechargeable

    Recharge using a widely available USB-C cable (included in package)

  • 0 - 150 PSI

    Capable of inflating an inflatable up to 150 PSI

  • Tire Pressure Gauge

    Feature a pressure gauge that checks tire pressure when connected to valve

  • Built-In Flashlight

    Includes a built-in flashlight to improve visibility in emergency use

  • Optional App Control

    Can connect to the Linkstyle mobile app via Bluetooth

Space-Saving Form Factor

occupies significantly less space than traditional air pumps. It fits in your backpack, glove box, or even in your pocket.

Inflate anything, anywhere, anytimewith award-winning ease and style




Sports Equipment

Multi-Purpose Inflator

covers just about all of your inflator needs with a flexible pump hose and three adapters.

Schrader valves
Presta valves
pool floats,
Schrader valves
Presta valves
footballs, basketballs, etc.
pool floats, balloons
Schrader valves
Presta valves
pool floats,
Our smart and portable air pump is your ideal go to for all of your air pump needs. It comes packed with several air pressure settings that works for cars, motorcycles, bikes, balls, and a custom option. Whatever your inflation needs are, our smart air compressor can pump it all. It is portable and easy to carry and yet smart enough to detect current air pressure and powerful enough to pump your car tires up to 150PSI depending on your preselected pressure setting. Works superfast, has a auto-switch off feature and is rechargeable with a 4000mA/3.7V battery. Also comes equipped with a LED flash light. This air pump is essential for every home and will save you unforeseen stress in time of car needs.

Design: Our portable tire air compressor is designed with an upgraded motor with full metal cylinder that gives you fast air inflation with a full pump of flat tire within approximately 5mins. The air pump has a maximum pressure of up to 150PSI giving you extensive inflation options for your cars, motorcycles, bikes, balls, balloons etc.

Smart Inflator Mode: Our smart air pump has a digital display which offers several controls needed to operate the device and comes with 3 different valve nodes (Schrader valve, Presta valve, ball needle and adapter for swim ring), which is ideal for inflating cars, motorcycles, bicycles and balls, inflatable toys etc. Its smart feature detects current pressure readings and allows you to set preset pressure that will automatically shut off the pump once the pressure is reached. It also allows you to select different preset pump modes depending on your needs.

Portable & Rechargeable: Our cordless air compressor comes with a solid 4000mAh/3.7V (14.8WH) battery which is rechargeable through USB-C connector (included) to give you extended usage as needed even on the go. Its size and design makes it lightweight, easy to carry and can be used on travel or trips.

LED Light & Other Features: Our air pump is also equipped with a LED flash light, with can prove valuable in dark situations. The LED light can be used as a light source, which means you can use the air pump during day or night or just as a source of emergency light for personal use. The device also only produces minimal noise without bothering your ears. The design also allows you to store the pump hose in a tidy and compact manner.



1. Find out the target air pressure level.

2. Connect the air pump to the valve.

3. Set the target pressure and press the power button to start inflation. 

* The pump will stop inflating automatically when the target pressure is reached. Press the power button again during inflation to stop the pump before reaching target pressure.

Product Specifications

Battery & Charging

Charging Method: 5V/2A USB-C

Charging Time: 2-3 hours from 0% to full charge

Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh 7.4V 14.8Wh

Battery Life Cycle: 300 cycles ≥85% original capacity

Size & Weight

Height: 6.3 inches (155mm)

Width: 2.5 inches (62mm)

Depth: 1.5 inches (39mm)

Weight: 0.94 pound (426g)


Pressure Range: 0 - 150 PSI

Inflation Speed: 15 - 20 L/min

Power Output: 35W

What's in the Package

1 x Smart Air Pump

1 x Inflator Hose

1 x Presta Valve Adapter

1 x Ball Needle

1 x Pool Float Adapter

1 x USB -C Charging Cable

1 x Drawstring Carry Pouch

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Granby E.
Never leave home without it

I think this is a product everyone needs to possess. It's a nice emergency air compressor
I have only had to use it a handful number of times and it has not disappointed.
The one thing I didn't really fancy was the sound it gives, might be a little loud for me but it's a compressor and it was somewhat expected.


I bought because it was $60 off and it seemed well built. It went down to three bars after tapping off first tire, stayed at three for other 3 tires. When I set for 32 psi, it stops at 32. Set at 33 it stops at 34. Not an issue with me. What I like is when I connect \ disconnect the plug it doesn't leak any air, so I don't have to compensate. Also it turns off after charging. Probably why I lost a bar when starting. Overall the best battery operated inflater owned so far.

Maggie B.
Worth every Penny

This is probably my best value purchase. I have used it on pool floats, soccerballs, and my motorcycle tires. I recently noticed a small leak in one of my tires. I work from home so it’s not a huge deal to put off fixing it. I’ve been procrastinating it for a while now because this little compressor is so convenient. I just add air anytime it starts looking low. I’ll fix it eventually, but this gives me the option to put it off for a more convenient time. Just need to add that when using for basketballs or pool floats you need to go down 1 PSI to get it exactly where you want it. It always over inflates by 1 PSI. Not an issue with my tire, but annoying if you need it to be spot on.

Daniel R.
Look no further

This pump is awesome. Super handy when I get my car back from the Tesla service center, and they always over-inflate my tires. I drain some air out of them, then set this pump to about 42 psi, and it auto-stops at just the right point. I also love that when you disconnect the hose, it has some kind of quick disconnect valve inside or something that doesn't allow a bunch of air to leak out while you're fumbling to unscrew it. I love that its compactly designed and the flash light is a plus even though I haven't really had any need for it.

Kenneth J.
Awesome Product

Didn't even know these existed. I have always had low pressure tire issues and just kinda stumbled on these. And I must say I am surprised at how good these work. Only thing is I wish I could have had these alot sooner


Can't find question? email us support@Linkstyle.life

Will this work on bike tires that have presta valves?

Yes it does! Linkstyle Air Pump includes 4 adapters - one of which can fit presta valves.

How do I charge the air pump?

Linkstyle Air Pump can be charged using a Type-C cord and a 5V USB outlet.

How long does the battery last?

Linkstyle Air Pump can inflate for up to ____ hours / ___ tires before needing a recharge. It can be recharged in 2-3 hours.

Can I leave this in the car without the battery suffering any damage? (it gets hot here in the summer, cold winters too)

Linkstyle Air Pump can be stored in temperatures ranging from 14F to 113F.

Can I inflate a regular truck tire with this air pump?

Yes, Linkstyle Air Pump can be used to inflate items up to 150 PSI.

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