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Linkstyle Smart Smoke Alarm

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Linkstyle Smart Smoke Alarm

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This smart smoke alarm detects both smoke and abnormally high temperature, sending notifications to your phone via the Linkstyle app to warn you wherever you may be.


Tamperproof: anti-tampering alarm warns you of unintentional removal

Early Detection: pyramid labyrinth design improves sensitivity, enabling detection with fewer smoke particles to let you know before the smoke gets out of hand

Red Dot Award-Winning Design: sleek and minimalist form factor is sure to complement your home décor




Power Supply DC 3V, CR123A battery
Detection Range 50 square meters
(~538 square feet)
Operating Temperature -10°C~?55°C (14° F ~ 131°F)
Operating Humidity ≦95%RH
Communication Method Zigbee 3.0
Standby Time ~5 years
Dimensions 70.5mm x 70.5mm x 29mm
(2.78 in x 2.78 in 1.41 in)