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  • 2.4GHz WiFi Connection via Security Gateway

  • Effortless Installation in Less than 5 Minutes

  • Get Real Time Notifications in Case of Smoke Detection

  • Intelligent Double Identification Algorithm

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Linkstyle Smart Smoke Detector (Pack of 1)



100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Bruce J.

Palo Alto, California

Seems to work great

"I got this because I have other Linkstyle products and liked them. This one is nice because it connects to my phone for is there is an issue. It was no harder to install than a standard detector, other than an app to connect which was not a problem. I have it next to my child's room in the basement and it gives me peace of mind because it is next to the furnace room. I can't speak for battery life because it is new. I will be getting another for my upstairs."

Linkstyle Smart Smoke Detector (Pack of 3)





100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


El Paso, Texas

Nice little detector, it's compact size is nice.

"I purchased these because I wanted a detector in the basement. But since there is no one down in the basement most of the time I wanted to be sure we would hear an alert. That's where the Wi-Fi detector came in, I figured even if it wasn't heard we would be alerted on our smart devices. You can feel safe knowing you will be alerted if that changes or smoke is detected. It might be small in size but it sure isn't a small cheap speaker, that thing is pretty loud!"

Linkstyle Smart Smoke Detector (Pack of 2)
Good deal



100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Maria L.

Portland, Oregon

Easy installation

"I bought two of these WiFi enabled smoke detectors, one for the attic because I was afraid we wouldn’t hear an alarm going off up there. Getting them set up was much easier than I expected. They were easy to connect to WiFi and the app is intuitive. I tested the detectors and got alerted quickly on my phone. I’ll rest easier knowing these are in my home!"


Battery TypeCR123A (DC 3V)
Detection Range50 square meters (~538sqft)
Standby Time~5 Years
Dimensions70.5mm x 70.5mm x 29mm
Operating Temperature14-131°F (-10°C - 55°C)
Alarm Loudness≥ 85 dB at 10ft (3m)
AppLinkstyle App (Android & iOS supported
Wireless Frequency2.5GHz (incompatible with 5GHz WiFi Network)


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Does this smoke alarm notify me on my phone if there's smoke or fire detected?

Yes it does! The smoke alarm connects to the Linkstyle app via the Linkstyle Security Gateway to send you real time notifications. You will be notified if it detects any smoke or fire or low battery notifications. You can control all our smart devices remotely via the Linkstyle app.

Can I silence the alarm using my phone?

If there's a false alarm, you have the option to silence the alarm via the Linkstyle app on your phone.

Is this device compatible with Android & iOS?

Linkstyle Smart Smoke Alarm is compatible with all smart devices. Linkstyle App is available on the Google Play Store & Apple App Store. It can also be synced with Amazon Alexa & Google Home.

Do I need any special tools for installation?

The smoke alarm comes packaged with everything you need to install the smoke alarm. It also comes pre-equipped with one CR123A battery.

Can I connect multiple alarms to a single smart device?

You can connect up to 100 devices with the Linkstyle App. You have the option to name each device so you know where exactly it is in your home or business.

What happens if the device disconnects from the internet?

The built in alarm will work even if it's not connected to any wifi network. However, it won't send you notifications via your phone and will function like a regular smoke detector.