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Intro to Smart Home Automation: How to Set Up DIY Routines on the Linkstyle App

Intro to Smart Home Automation: How to Set Up DIY Routines on the Linkstyle App

Unboxing your new Linkstyle devices and connecting them to your home Wi-Fi network is just the first step to unlocking your enchanted lifestyle. The true power of Linkstyle smart home products lies in their ability extend their functionality by connecting to other devices using the Linkstyle app. This guide will introduce the interface and elements of the DIY section in the Linkstyle app, so you can start creating a truly integrated smart home with Linkstyle products.

DIY Routines

The Linkstyle app enables 2 types of DIY routines: Tap-to-Run routines and Automation routines. A Tap-to-Run routine is a group of one or more specific tasks performed by one or more smart devices connected to app, which can be activated all at once by the push of a button. An automation routine is essentially a Tap-to-Run routine that is triggered by a preset specific condition instead of a button press. Don't worry if this seems confusing, because we are about to make it clear using an example right now.

Getting Started

Scenario: play a door bell chime automatically whenever a door is opened
Devices required:
Multi-Function Smart Security Gateway, connected to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network,
Door & Window Entry Sensor, connected to Security Gateway using the Linkstyle app
Your Android or iOS device running the lastest version of the Linkstyle app
To get started, navigate to the DIY section in the Linkstyle app, then tap the big "plus" button from either the "Tap-to-Run" tab or the "Automation" tab (they both take you to the same interface for adding routines).

Set a Condition

On the "Set a condition" screen, tap "When device status changes" to advance to device selection, then find and tap your Door & Window Entry Sensor to continue. In the "Select Function" screen, tap "Door and window sensor", then tap "ON". This sets whenever the Entry Sensor is in the "On" position as the trigger condition (i.e. whenever the door it is installed on is open).

Set Up Task

On the "Set up task" screen, tap " Run the device" to advance to device selection, then find and select your Security Gateway to continue. In the "Select Function" screen, tap "Doorbell ringtone" to bring up the chime sound options pop up. Select which chime sound you'd like to play and tap "Save". Then tap "Next" to finalize your selection. This sets the Gateway doorbell chime as the activated task of this routine.

Save Routine

Go ahead and save the routine to finish. Once the automation is created, you can immediately activate it. Now your Security Gateway will play a doorbell chime whenever your designated door is open! If you would like it to chime more than once each time, you can add the same task more than once by tapping the "plus" button in the "Task" section.
Note that you can add more than one condition as the trigger condition. You can also change the name of the routine to something that's easy to understand, as well as change the style and color of how the routine will be represented in the DIY page. Furthermore, you can change the "Effective Period" of the routine if you do not want the automation to be active 24/7.
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Hopefully you have learned how to set up simple DIY automation routines, it's time to experiment and discover the the endless possibilities for unlocking your enchanted lifestyle! Join our Facebook group and you can share with our community your own tips and suggestions that you discover along the way.