Tips and Tricks for Using an iRobot Roomba

Fully charge your Roomba before using it for the first time

Most electronic products don’t come fully charged, it’s the same with your iRobot Roomba. Making sure that your new little friend has enough juice to do its job is important to keep in mind. When you first open the box, don’t get too excited yet. Make sure to charge it up fully and you’ll have a much better experience.

Trial and correction

When you first get your robot vacuum, your home is likely not already and ideal environment for it. You might have shoelaces and cords that get into its way easily. It is essential to first test out your Roomba and adjust your home setup to make sure it won’t run into any trouble in the future.

Set it on a schedule

Nothing is more annoying than being interrupted at an inopportune time. Setting your Roomba on a schedule ensures that your robot vacuum only works when it is not a bother for you. Have it clean the floor while you’re out at work or out and about. Who doesn’t like coming home after a long day to a clean house?

Remember to replace parts regularly

Your car needs filter replacements regularly and so does your robot vacuum. Parts like the side brush and filters need to be changed regularly to maintain top performance. If you find your Roomba not working as well as before, you might want to check first if anything needs replacing.

Empty it

This might sound obvious, but as a user of an autonomous robot, you might end up forgetting that it can’t do everything on its own. Make sure you know the capacity of your robot and empty it regularly so it will actually suck up dirt instead of just dragging it around.

Chairs are its natural enemy

When you vacuum with a manual vacuum cleaner, you need to move your furniture before cleaning each room. The same goes for your Roomba. If the spacing between your chair legs aren’t wide enough to let it through, make sure to set your chairs aside once in a while so your robot friend can reach underneath.

Water must be avoided

Roombas aren’t waterproof. Avoid water and any other liquid if you want your little friend to live a long, healthy life.

Keep its charging base clean

To ensure optimized charging, you have to keep the charging base clean. If there is debris or dirt on the charging contact points, it may affect the charging speed. If you have a dirty charging base, your Roomba may not have enough power when you need it to clean. Just make sure to unplug the charging base when you’re cleaning it and do not get it wet.

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