Smart Plug – Homekit Setup on iOS

Quick Run-Through


Before you begin, make sure that the smart plug you are connecting is indeed compatible with Apple Homekit. To confirm, find the logo below on the device’s manual and/or packaging.

Once you have confirmed its compatibility, you can go ahead and set it up.

1. Plug in the smart plug for the first time

2. Open the Home app on your iOS device to add smart plug

3. Scan the Homekit Setup Code provided in the manual, packaging, or on the smart plug itself.

If more than one smart device is nearby and detected, tap to select the one you are adding.

The smart plug will then connect to your iOS device automatically and be added to the Home app.

4. Once the smart plug has been added, you’re all set!

Upon returning to the My Home page, you should see the shortcut for the smart plug you had just added.

Congrats on adding your smart plug to Homekit! Stay tuned for troubleshooting & usage tips.

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