Digital Weather Clock with Thermometer

Digital Weather Clock with Thermometer


Package Includes:

  • Weather clock
  • Thermo Sensor
  • Power Cable
  • Manual


Product Features:

  • Forecast Station: Provide you with a reliable Weather Forecast Station, with real-time indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity monitoring. Make this a must-have for any home or office. It can be used as a standard alarm clock.
  • Decoration: It can act as a functional yet stylish piece of décor: Wall Mount or Table Stand. It also makes a great gift for friends, family and even the elderly to provide them an easy way to stay informed of the weather.
  • Thermometer and Humidity Monitor: Humidity: Indoor & Outdoor measurable range: 20%RH ~ 95%RH;Indoor temperature measurement ranges: -9.9°C (15°F) to 50°C (122°F). Outdoor temperature measurement ranges: -20°C (-4°F) to 60°C (140°F). Temperature alternatively in °C or °F. Outdoor thermometer and frost alert; minimum/maximum display for air humidity and temperature.
  • Weather Forecast: The weather forecasting function can help you plan the day ahead.
  • Daily Alarm: Automatic snooze function (OFF or 5~60min). For those who wants to sleep in, additional snooze function allows you to sleep for extra 5 – 60 minutes before waking you up again.
  • Calendar: Perpetual Calendar Up to Year 2099. There are 7 languages for you to choose: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Netherlands and Danish. Time in optional 12/24 hour format.
  • Transmission: 433.92MHz RF transmitting frequency, 60 meters transmission range in an open area.
  • Other Functions: The moon phase display; Barometric pressure: Barometric pressure measurement ranges: 600hPa/mb (17.72inHg) to 1100hPa/mb (32.50inHg). Pressure alternatively in hPa/mb or inHg; Wireless Outdoor Sensor, One Wireless Thermo Sensor Included.

How to Use:

  • Initial Operation:
  • 1. Open Weather Station battery compartment cover.
  • 2. Insert 2 x AA batteries observing polarity [ “+” and “ –“ marks].
  • 3. When you insert the batteries, all the icon on the LCD display will briefly light up for 3 seconds, and you will hear a beep tone, and detect indoor temperature & humidity.
  • 4. The Weather Station will now start to make a connection to the outdoor remote sensor. This operation takes about 3 minutes and is displayed by a flashing reception RF antenna symbol in the “OUTDOOR” display area on the receiver.
  • 5. This now, replace Wireless Outdoor Sensor battery compartment cover ,Open Weather Station battery compartment cover ,Insert 2 x AA batteries observing polarity [ “+” and “–“ marks].


  • 1. The weather station automatically starts receiving transmission from outdoor thermo sensor for outdoor temperature& humidity after batteries inserted.
  • 2. The outdoor sensor will automatically transmit temperature and humidity signal to the Weather Station after batteries inserted. If Weather Station failed to receive transmission from outdoor sensor (“- -”display on the LCD), press and hold “?”button for 3 seconds to receive transmission manually. RF icon “ ” flashes on the LCD,The Weather Station to receive the outdoor sensor.
  • 3. The weather station can only support one wireless sensor.



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