About Us

Since the 2010s, technologies in internet-connected devices have seen rapid advancements and are being adopted widely by the general public. Everything from voice commanded assistants like the Amazon Echo to DIY project cores like the Raspberry Pi have gradually accustomed us to a world that is increasingly connected.

In his 2014 book Enchanted Objects: Innovation, Design, and the Future of Technology, MIT Media Lab instructor David Rose envisioned a future where we interact with smart technology not only through the cold glass interface of smartphones and tablets, but more intuitively through other ways like with the magical objects from fairy tales and fantasy. The most representative examples of these new interfaces are manifesting themselves in smart home systems. 

We here at LinkStyle.life share Rose’s vision of a future full of these enchanted objects, which enable us to live better, work more efficiently, and travel more safely in our homes, workplaces, and cities. With more than a decade of experience in consumer electronics, we aim to bring you information, guides, and products that help you achieve a more enchanted lifestyle.

Enchanted Objects by David Rose, which envisions a future of technology that we share here at LinkStyle.life
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